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Extended Stay Hotel Review


This weekend we stayed at the lovely extended stay deluxe. This glorious video features blood stains, missing smoke detectors, hair in the drain, rusty hair dryer, food in the sink, and general grubbiness. Sorry for the shaky video, this was 5 minutes before checkout.

28 Responses to “Extended Stay Hotel Review”

  1. eyedonot101 says:

    Awesome place!

  2. visionary711 says:

    i went there!!!!!!

  3. baxie404 says:

    This is the worst hotel chain ever!! I got robbed while staying here because they admittedly gave my room away to another customer. Their customer care/service is atrocious! Don’t stay here if you have any concern about your safety or your loved ones because when you get robbed they will not help you.

  4. TigerGrumman says:

    Absolutely NOT!

    Never again, will I stay at an Extended Stay America Hotel. These hotels are managed by completely incompetent people. They allow guests to get away with smoking inside NON-SMOKING rooms. So, your lungs are filled with toxic ETS in close quarters. Drug usage (crack) and head banging drinking are permitted by management, creating extremely dangerous environments for children. Broken beer bottles everywhere in the parking lot.

    These are Hotels From Hell. Complete Trash.

  5. blackavenger97 says:

    Im soo pissed right now because we just got back from this hotel and service was HORRIBLE!!! we reserved a non smoking room 2 months in advanced and when we got there the floor our room was on smelled like pot our kitchen was dirty the sheets wernt even washed! wtf! its a law and there were pieces of dirt even under the top blanket. and they said no more non smoking rooms. and when we left last night there were cops there because one of the guess smelled crack. yes CRACK! they told us to leave!

  6. wylwrk says:

    … take broom handle, remove from ass.

  7. myalaynaangel says:

    where is this hotel at?

  8. 109Gilman says:

    I love these kinds of Hotels

  9. fordranger797 says:

    How much does it cost to stay at a place like that?

  10. uncoverbrother says:

    just go to the website to get the rates. depends on the area…

  11. WxStar101 says:

    At 1:44, that shower faucet looks just like Circus Circus at both Reno and Vegas.

  12. yvetteaonmyown says:

    I have seen worse, you could have just switched rooms? What was the nightly rate?

  13. SnowWhiteDove7 says:

    looks like someone puked in bed or maybe it is blood? gross.was there a murder in that room.that room really was creepy and gross.

  14. GlobalFilmmaker says:

    that is not blood for crying out loud, it’s a liquid stain but not blood

  15. kosilveriarn says:


  16. eatenbybearspr says:

    besides the blood it’s just a crappy hotel room…oooh no, not real mahogany……

  17. StarRocks4life says:

    well, the end table looked nice

  18. Zigej says:

    You’d think after all the horror movie indicators, he’d rush out that room in a heartbeat

  19. jacksblack1 says:

    For all you peple that say you stayed at worse, could you please tell us why? I really want to know the answer to that question.

  20. jacksblack1 says:

    I am not wealthy but I am not so poor that I would stay at a hotel like this in the first place. You get what you pay for. Hey this is a hotel for poor folk with $35.00 to spend. Geez…….

  21. Duja1014 says:

    Yo unobservant sycophant, how about not keeping the camera on zoom the entire time… the camera can zoom in as well as out!!

  22. mandemandable says:

    I don’t think this is all that bad… it’s gross but it is not the worst I have seen. Stains are gross but box springs are relatively expensive for a low-rate hotel… drains are drains. I wouldn’t expect the drains at the Ritz-Carlton to be impeccable. It’s not nearly bad enough for AOL to call it one of the ten dirtiest in the world. That is for sure.

  23. Tdiarocks123 says:

    what….the….fuck…. BTW THIS IS ON AOLS PAGE

  24. ashreebrooke says:

    Oh my god! You’d think that if they were too cheap to buy a new box spring they’d at least use a bed skirt to cover the blood stains. So gross.

  25. jonofdeath says:

    Other than the blood on the box spring, it’s not that bad. I’ve stayed in much worse.

  26. jumper5687 says:


  27. JustinTimes says:

    The owners should be shamed, and the health department should shut them down. Report the owners to the board of health.

  28. SomaSounds says:

    Gross!!! And that’s the stuff you CAN see …. imagine the stuff crawling around that you CANT see that’s there. Ewwww!


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