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Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. To Bring Best-Selling LectroFan Products Into Hotel Industry With NetRush Partnership

Campbell,CA (PRWEB) May 13, 2015

Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. (ASTI), the leading supplier of sound machines, announced new momentum for its award winning sound machines into the hotel sector. To best serve the hospitality industry, ASTI is announcing a partnership with NetRush as an exclusive distributor of the LectroFan sound machine product for the hotel segment. Together ASTI and NetRush will be attending the HD Expo, the premiere trade show and hospitality conference for the industry, May 13-15th at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas.

NetRushs decision to partner with ASTI in launching the LectroFan products is a testament to our strength and success in delivering quality sound machines, said Sam Nicolino, CEO for ASTI. NetRush and ASTI share a vision of what defines incredible hospitality to todays traveler. We are pleased to align with NetRush and look forward to introducing the LectroFan to hotels for the very best speech privacy and sleep conditions for guests.

With a leading position on Amazon.com and a proven track record of successfully launching some amazing consumer products, NetRush is the right partner to support the entry of the LectroFan into the hospitality sector, said Brian Gonsalves, CEO of NetRush. The LectroFan will offer hotels a great new amenity for improving the quality of the room and provide an exceptional sleep and privacy experience for guests. We are excited to distribute the LectroFan to the hotel industry through our collaboration with ASTI.

In addition to the distribution partnership with NetRush on the LectroFan sound machines, both will be present at the HD Expo in Las Vegas at the Mandalay Bay. Check out the product at the LectroSound booth # 5170 inside the conference center.

About Adaptive Sound Technologies, Inc. (ASTI)

ASTI, the leading supplier of sound machines, started in 2008 developing products that help people sleep soundly without the need of sleep aides or prescriptions. The companys goal, help people fall asleep and stay asleep naturally, has been the core of its innovation and product development. Headquartered in the heart of Silicon Valley and backed by engineers with extensive backgrounds from some of the world’s best tech companies, they have developed best-selling sound machines that redefine the science of sleep. With over 500 million people worldwide suffering from sleep disorders spending an estimated $ 16 billion annually on treatment the company is on a mission to serve this mass market.

About NetRush

NetRush empowers brands to stand out, strategize, and grow their sales. Our core valuesDo the Right Thing, Embrace Possibilities, Passionately Contribute, and Enjoy the Rideenable us to provide category leadership through authentic storytelling. For nearly a decade, we have been applying our forward-thinking knowledge and proven experience in the Health and Personal Care category to partner with premium brands.

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Water industry highlights hacking and customer engagement as its main challenge in smart metering

London, UK (PRWEB UK) 26 March 2015

In the run up to the 4th annual show, SMi Group spoke to some of its key speakers about the Smart Water Systems conference taking place on 29th and 30th April and about the smart water industry.

Systems security, technology and customer engagement were highlighted as some of the main challenges facing smart water metering.

Andrew Tucker, Water Efficiency Manager from Thames Water, who will be will be providing unique insights on customer engagement, said:

We all want smart IT perfection…to fully understand and focus on the amount and quality of engagement and education that is delivered with smarts. Smart IT is only successful if our audience understands it and utilises it. Lets help them understand their water use first, then aim to intelligently work with them to improve their efficiency.

Mike Piccalo, Director of Industrial Security from Waterfall, a leading provider of strong network security products, commented:

The biggest concern I have is the dramatic increase in the attack surface. Everyone from hacktivists to pilferers to “hobbyists” have physical access to the meters. In spite of our best anti-tampering efforts, common wisdom in the cyber community is that any CPU we can touch, we can hack. There’s a lot of people within touching distance of our new metering infrastructures, and those infrastructures are generally all connected directly or indirectly to our safety-critical and reliability-critical control systems.

Erik Oostermeyer, Smart Water for Europe Co-ordinator (SW4EU) from Vitens said:

Europe has around 3.5 million km of water network. The performance demands on this network are increasing and the network is ageing and whilst circa. 20 billion/year is being invested for rehabilitation, ensuring a reliable supply of wholesome water to customers will continue to become increasingly challenging. There is an urgent need for new technologies and techniques to meet this challenge but their development and uptake faces obstacles.

To read the full interviews visit the event download centre.

Thames Water, Waterfall Security and Vitens will be joined on the speaker panel by OFWAT, Jersey Water, Energy Saving Trust, Scottish Water plus many more. For further information or to download a brochure, visit http://www.smart-water-systems.com.

Those who have confirmed attendance at Smart Water Systems 2015 include:

Aguas De Cascais Sa, Anglian Water Services Limited, Aqualogy UK, ARAD, Brookfield Utilities, Consumer Council for Water, Energy Saving Trust, Envisager, Frost & Sullivan, gemserv ltd, Hagihon Ltd, Hera Bologna Srl, Jersey Water, Nexus Water, Ofwat Uk, Scottish Water Solutions, Severn Trent Water, South Staffs Water, Southern Water plc, Statkraft Energi AS, Technolog Ltd, Thames Water, Tynemarch Systems Ltd, Vandcenter Syd A/S, Veolia Environmental Services, ViaSat, Vitens, Water Loss Research and Analysis Ltd, Waterfall Security Solutions, Wessex Water, plus many more…

SMis 4th annual conference:

Smart Water Systems

29-30 April 2015

Marriott Regents Park Hotel, London UK


Established since 1993, the SMi Group is a global event-production company that specializes in Business-to-Business Conferences, Workshops, Masterclasses and online Communities. We create and deliver events in the Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical industries. We pride ourselves on having access to the worlds most forward thinking opinion leaders and visionaries, allowing us to bring our communities together to Learn, Engage, Share and Network. More information can be found at http://www.smi-online.co.uk

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F+L Week 2015 Announces Featured Presentation on 3D Printing in the Automotive Industry by Jay Rogers, CEO of Local Motors

Hong Kong (PRWEB) January 23, 2015

F&L Asia Ltd. recently announced the wide variety of exciting topics that will be presented by renowned market leaders at its annual fuels and lubricants industry conference, F+L Week 2015. Among the presentations at the upcoming conference, designed to inspire leadership, offer strategy and provide networking opportunities, will be a riveting keynote address on 3D Printing in the Automotive Industry.

A history-making innovation, 3D auto printing paves the way for direct digital manufacturing to significantly provide fast and innovative sustainability solutions to the automotive industry. As the CEO and co-founder of Local Motors, a game-changing technology company that designs, builds and sells vehicles, Jay Rogers is certainly not one to shy from shaking the status quo and delivering manufacturers and consumers alike a new and more immediate experience.

Local Motors developed the worlds first open-source automobile, the Rally Fighter. In the past year, the company has harnessed open-source design and 3D printing to design and build the worlds first 3D-printed car called the Strati. Rogers will be speaking on the development, production and unveiling of the Strati, which took its first drive on 13 Sept. 2014.

Indeed, the vast potential of 3D printing has manifested into reality for the automotive industry. With collaboration and this emergent technology, the industry is well-positioned to expand its manufacturing capability, sustainability and growth. At the recent North American International Auto Show, the company unveiled two new factory locations. It plans to bring the first fleet of 3D printed vehicles to the road in 2015.

Rogers enticing keynote presentation on 3D Printing in the Automotive Industry will be featured at F&L Week 2015, which will be held on 10th-13th March 2015 at the Pan Pacific Hotel in the Marina Bay area in Singapore, site of Formula One’s only night street-race.

About F&L Week 2015

Organized by Hong Kong-based F&L Asia Ltd., the industrys leading publisher, F+L Week 2015 will kick off on 10th March 2015 with pre-conference training workshops, leading to the exhibition on 11th and 12th March 2015 and the conference from 11th to 13th March 2015. On 14th March, F+L Week 2015 will end with a charity golf event at Ria Bintan Golf Club in Indonesia, a 27-hole championship course designed by world-celebrated golfing legend Gary Player.

This landmark annual industry rendezvous offers a strategic platform for delegates, sponsors and exhibitors to learn from world-renowned speakers and experts about the latest market trends, OEM specifications, standards and government regulations, as well as directly meet, network and secure high-value contacts with hundreds of key industry movers and shakers. This year the conference theme is Thriving in a Volatile, Uncertain, Complex and Ambiguous (VUCA) Environment: Lessons from Market Leaders.

To register for the conference or to get more information, visit: http://www.fuelsandlubes.com.

About F&L Asia Ltd.

Unparalleled thought leadership, stringent content quality standards and uncompromising journalismgathering facts directly from the frontline, including from its permanent bases at the heart of the strategic Asian region in Hong Kongare some of F&L Asias core strengths and the reason why it retains an unchallenged first with the latest position.

F&L Asias diverse portfolio of unique and powerful lead-generation tools fulfills the needs of hundreds of fuels and lubes operators of all sizes, all disciplines and from around the world. This empowers it to increase its brand awareness and establish, promote and nurture fluid industry connections globally.

Each year, F&L Asia produces F+L Week, the industry conference and exhibition premier event. A sounding board for the latest developments in base oils, lubricants, fuels and additives, F+L Week attracts the very best amongst top industry scientists, market trendsetters and decision makers from all around the planet to its economic epicentre in Asia.

The publication company provides media services to some of the biggest names in the industry.

Contact Information:

Vicky Denton

F&L Asia Ltd.


Email: conference(at)fuelsandlubes(dot)com

9/F, Henan Building

19 Luard Road

Wanchai, Hong Kong

Hong Kong: +852 3183 4143

USA: +1 706 254 1920

Fax: +852 3753 5122

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Cambodias Cards and Payments Industry: Emerging Opportunities, Trends, Size, Drivers, Strategies – Reportscue

(PRWEB UK) 22 January 2015

The report provides top-level market analysis, information and insights into Cambodia’s cards and payments industry, including:

Current and forecast values for each category of Cambodia’s cards and payments industry, including debit cards, credit cards and prepaid cards
Comprehensive analysis of the industrys market attractiveness and future growth areas
Analysis of various market drivers and regulations governing Cambodia’s cards and payments industry
Detailed analysis of marketing strategies adopted to sell debit, credit and prepaid cards used by banks and other institutions in the market
Comprehensive analysis of consumer attitudes and buying preferences for cards
The competitive landscape of Cambodia’s cards and payments industry

The Cambodian cards and payments industry, including debit and credit cards, registered positive growth during the review period, recording a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.31%, and increasing from 464,047 cards in circulation in 2009 to 1.2 million by the end of 2013. In terms of transaction value, payment cards valued KHR3.7 trillion (US$ 915.2 million) in 2013, after registering a review-period CAGR of 30.89%. Favourable economic conditions, improved banking infrastructure, new products offered by banks, and growth in card payments at point of sale (POS) terminals all led to growth in card payments.

View the report at http://www.reportscue.com/cambodias-cards-and-payments-industry-emerging-opportunities-trends-size-drivers-strategies-products-and-competitive-landscape-market

The average transaction value (ATV) in Cambodia was US$ 65.6, ranking 15th in Asia-Pacific in 2013. China recorded the highest ATV, with US$ 302.4, while New Zealand ranked lowest in Asia-Pacific with an ATV of US$ 46.3. Cambodia had the lowest card penetration in Asia-Pacific, with 0.1, and ranked 12th in Asia-Pacific in terms of frequency of use of payment cards, with 11.8 transactions per card. New Zealand recorded the highest frequency, with 146.1 transactions per card, followed by Australia with 96.6, South Korea with 44.7, and Singapore with 36.0.

In terms of transaction value, debit cards were the favored payment card in Cambodia in 2013, accounting for 96.9% of card payments, while credit cards accounted for 3.1%. A similar trend is expected over the forecast period. Debit cards are offered to everyone who opens a personal bank account, and banks are promoting these accounts to attract customers. ANZ Royal Bank, for instance, is promoting the Convenience Plus account, offering customers a Royal Debit Card with free international access and money transfer facility. These cards are issued free of charge and can be used to pay utility bills, although they are mostly used at ATMs to withdraw cash, rather than at POS terminals; ATMs accounted for 97.6% of debit card transactions in 2013, while POS terminals accounted for just 2.4%, in terms of transaction volume.

Banks are also taking initiatives to develop credit cards, and are conducting consumer awareness campaigns in association with Visa. Banks are aiming to ensure that consumers are ready to use credit cards by educating them on how to manage personal finances, and benefit from credit cards without getting into debt. In November 2013, Acleda Bank has launched its first Acleda Visa credit card, while Cambodian Bank has launched both Visa and Master Platinum cards. Other banks such as ANZ Royal Bank and CUBC offer added benefits, such as discounts on airport lounges and hotels.

As card transactions increase, so does card fraud, and banks are issuing cards with EMV technology to increase transaction security. CUBC Bank, for instance, implemented EMV security standards by installing ATMs that accept EMV-based transactions for all Visa-branded cards. In March 2014, Data Card Group collaborated with Visco (Cambodia) and Omega Computer Corporation to conduct EMV seminars in Cambodia. The seminar aimed educating banks and customers about the importance of EMV cards, risk management, benefits, and considerations during migration and verification security when authenticating debit and credit transactions at POS terminals and ATMs.

View similar reports

Egypt’s Cards and Payments Industry: The Egyptian economy is the second-largest in the Middle East after Saudi Arabia. The economy depends largely on agriculture, tourism and cash remittances from Egyptians working abroad, mainly in Saudi Arabia and Gulf countries. With the government and banks striving to offer basic financial services to the unbanked population and banks expanding their presence in rural areas, the Egyptian cards and payments industry registered positive growth during the review period (2009-2013).

View the egypts cards and payment industry report at http://www.reportscue.com/egypts-cards-and-payments-industry-emerging-opportunities-trends-size-drivers-strategies-products-and-competitive-landscape-market

Lebanon’s Cards and Payments Industry: Lebanese payments cards (including debit, credit and charge cards) registered positive growth during the review period, recording a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 3.41%, increasing from 1.6 million cards in circulation in 2009 to 1.8 million by the end of 2013. In terms of transaction value, payment cards valued LBP15.5 trillion (US$ 10.3 billion) in 2013, after registering a review-period (2009-2013) CAGR of 12.07%. The introduction of improved cards, rising consumer awareness for electronic payments, adoption of advanced technologies such as PayWave and PayPass feature, EMV technology and contactless cards all contributed towards the growth in payment cards.

In 2013, the average transaction value (ATV) in Lebanon was US$ 177.6, which was the fifth highest in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. Kuwait recorded the highest ATV, with US$ 319.6, followed by the UAE (US$ 263.1), Oman (US$ 207.1) and Bahrain (US$ 185.3). In terms of card penetration, Lebanon had the ninth highest level of 0.4 cards per inhabitant, followed by Iran (2.4), the UAE (2), South Africa (1.3), Kuwait (1.3), Israel (1.1), Oman (1.0), Bahrain (0.8) and Saudi Arabia (0.7).

Lebanon ranked seventh among the other MENA countries in the frequency of use of payment cards, with 31.9 transactions per card. Israel recorded the highest frequency with 131.2, followed by Saudi Arabia (95.3), Kuwait (47.4), Iran (46.5), the UAE (43.1) and Nigeria (38.2).

View the lebanons card and payment industry at http://www.reportscue.com/lebanons-cards-and-payments-industry-emerging-opportunities-trends-size-drivers-strategies-products-and-competitive-landscape-market

Scope :

This report provides a comprehensive analysis of Cambodia’s cards and payments industry.
It provides current values for Cambodia’s cards and payments industry for 2013, and forecast figures for 2018.
It details the different economic, infrastructural and business drivers affecting Cambodia’s cards and payments industry.
It outlines the current regulatory framework in the industry.
It details the marketing strategies used by various banks and other institutions.
It profiles the major banks in Cambodia’s cards and payments industry.
Key Highlights :

The Cambodian cards and payments industry, including debit and credit cards, registered positive growth during the review period, recording a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 26.31%, and increasing from 464,047 cards in circulation in 2009 to 1.2 million by the end of 2013. In terms of transaction value, payment cards valued KHR3.7 trillion (US$ 915.2 million) in 2013, after registering a review-period CAGR of 30.89%.

The average transaction value (ATV) in Cambodia was US$ 65.6, ranking 15th in Asia-Pacific in 2013. China recorded the highest ATV, with US$ 302.4, while New Zealand ranked lowest in Asia-Pacific wi

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HRBoss Recognized as Chinas Leader in Innovation for the Human Resources and Staffing Industry

Silicon Singapore (PRWEB) March 13, 2015

HRBoss, an Asian-born workforce planning and analytics Cloud service provider, today announced that it has won top prize in innovation at the 2014-2015 Best HR Service Providers in Greater China. This accolade rewards the significant contribution HRBoss is making in driving innovative HR technology to the Greater China region. Jointly organised by Human Capital Management Magazine and Chinas largest Human Resources publication, HRoot, the Best HR Services in Greater China Award is widely recognised as one the industry’s most coveted honours. Winners are chosen by a jury of esteemed judges from the Human Capital Management committee. This years winners include SAP, Randstad and Mercer.

Speaking about the award, CEO & Founder of HRBoss, Bernie Schiemer, commented, As a B2B Cloud technology provider, breaking into the China market was a major undertaking for us in the beginning…but backed up by a great local team with market knowledge and deep understanding of Chinese businesses, in just 2 years, weve leapfrogged the competition. Our core philosophy is and will always be focused on localisation, configurability and scalability. Winning this award is a major step towards our exciting journey to innovate for impact, not just for Asia but across the world.

HRBoss was evaluated based the following criteria:


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PolyU to Launch the First-of-its-kind Master of Science in International Wine Management in Asia to Advance the Global Wine Industry

(PRWEB) February 04, 2015

Introducing this development, Professor Kaye Chon, Dean and Chair Professor of the SHTM and Walter Kwok Foundation Professor in International Hospitality Management, noted that as a key player in the vibrant international wine scene, Hong Kong offers a unique location for anyone aspiring to be a part of this dynamic growth area. He said, Combined with the huge growth of the wine market in Mainland China, the need for wine professionals with advanced, specialised training and education, as well as a global perspective continues to grow. The Master of Science (MSc) in International Wine Management has been designed to meet this demand.

Offered in Hong Kong Asias world city by the SHTM, the programme is the first-of-its-kind in the region. There is an increasing demand for wine trade personnel in Asia, but there is no other Masters programme to enhance their professional competence and strategic thinking, Professor Haiyan Song, Associate Dean of the SHTM and Programme Leader, explained. He noted that recent findings in Hong Kong shows that the wine industry requires more sophisticated skills to meet the needs of the international wine market, with 57.2% of full-time staff taking up positions at managerial and supervisory levels. However, only 5.2% of local industry practitioners possess wine-related professional qualifications.

This one-of-a-kind programme comes in time to help wine professionals to further their academic pathway for progression in the global wine industry. It grooms industry leaders, educators and researchers by deepening their understanding of the latest trends in the wine business, demystifying its complexities, and empowering them to lead the future development of the industry. Students of this programme will also have the opportunity to learn more about Mainland Chinese wine consumers and gain insights into some of the fastest growing and potentially lucrative wine markets in the world.

The programme was developed in consultation with noted wine industry figure Professor Jeannie Cho Lee, Professor of Practice (Wine) of the SHTM and the first Asian Master of Wine (MW), and endorsed by renowned industry leaders. It features residential study trips providing students with the opportunity to visit well-known wine regions, such as Burgundy or Bordeaux, to understand the best practice in wine production, trade and management with a view to increasing their international exposure and developing global networks. Based in the heart of the booming Asia-Pacific region, the SHTM is best placed to provide international education to meet the specific demands of wine industry, a truly global industry, Professor Jeannie Cho Lee remarked.

To be launched in the 2015/16 academic year, this new MSc programme will be available in both full-time and part-time modes.

About School of Hotel and Tourism Management

PolyUs School of Hotel and Tourism Management is a world-leading provider of hospitality and tourism education. It was ranked No. 2 internationally among hotel and tourism schools based on research and scholarship, according to a study published in the Journal of Hospitality and Tourism Research in November 2009.

With 65 academic staff drawing from 20 countries and regions, the School offers programme at levels ranging from Higher Diploma to Ph.D. Currently a member of the UNWTO Knowledge Network, the School was bestowed the McCool Breakthrough Award in 2012 by the International Council on Hotel, Restaurant, and Institutional Education (I-CHRIE) recognising its breakthrough in the form of its teaching and research hotel Hotel ICON the heart of the Schools innovative approach to hospitality and tourism education.

Press contact:

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Gambling in Canada Industry Market Research Report Now Available from IBISWorld

New York, NY (PRWEB) December 05, 2014

The Gambling industry has struggled over the past five years against a number of head winds that have reduced overall demand for gambling. The sluggish economic recovery since the recession has weighed on consumers, as they have been unwilling or unable spend on discretionary services such as gambling. According to IBISWorld Industry Analyst Andy Brennan, Canada is not the only country experiencing a slowdown in gambling; spending on games of chance has flattened out throughout the western world over the past five years, following a sustained period of rapid growth. Anemic per capita income growth coupled with rising prices of many essential products has left less money in the pockets of consumers. Furthermore, rising competition from new casinos and other gambling establishments in the United States has hurt the industry. The strong Canadian dollar has also hurt domestic casinos, as US residents have been less willing to travel across the border to gamble. Overall, industry revenue is expected to decline moderately in the five years through 2014.

The Gambling industry is highly concentrated due to its unique regularity structure, which means the provinces control the licensing, regulation and, in some cases the operation, of games of chance. All provinces participate in national lottery schemes, but all provinces have different standards relating to games of chance, permitting or prohibiting different games. For example, casinos in Canada carry a range of regulatory forms and may be commercial, charitable, government owned and operated or owned by private companies under contract by provincial gaming authorities.

The industry will face an uphill battle over the next five years, Brennan says. Per capita household income is expected to pick up; however, many Canadians are focused on paying down debt and increasing savings, rather than splashing out on discretionary purchases. Furthermore, New York, Massachusetts and a growing number of US states have recently legislated to allow more destination casinos, meaning Canadians may be tempted across the border to gamble, and US residents are more likely to stay at home. Even if casino revenue drops, lottery sales will remain stable, driven by more online sales of lottery tickets. Overall, industry revenue is anticipated to grow marginally over the five years to 2019.

For more information, visit IBISWorlds Gambling in Canada industry report page.

Follow IBISWorld on Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/IBISWorld

Friend IBISWorld on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/IBISWorld/121347533189

IBISWorld industry Report Key Topics

This industry provides short-term lodging in hotel facilities that have a casino on the premises. The casino operations may include table wagering games and other gambling activities, such as slot machines and sports betting. These establishments may offer a range of services and amenities, such as food and beverage, entertainment, valet parking, swimming pools and conference and convention facilities.

Industry Performance

Executive Summary

Key External Drivers

Current Performance

Industry Outlook

Industry Life Cycle

Products & Markets

Supply Chain

Products & Services

Major Markets

Globalization & Trade

Business Locations

Competitive Landscape

Market Share Concentration

Key Success Factors

Cost Structure Benchmarks

Barriers to Entry

Major Companies

Operating Conditions

Capital Intensity

Key Statistics

Industry Data

Annual Change

Key Ratios

About IBISWorld Inc.

Recognized as the nations most trusted independent source of industry and market research, IBISWorld offers a comprehensive database of unique information and analysis on every US and Canadian industry. With an extensive online portfolio, valued for its depth and scope, the company equips clients with the insight necessary to make better business decisions. Headquartered in Los Angeles, IBISWorld serves a range of business, professional service and government organizations through more than 10 locations worldwide. For more information, visit http://www.ibisworld.com or call 1-800-330-3772.

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Spacemaker Cots and Sheets USA Launches New Pet Cot Lines; Provides Lucrative Resale Product for Industry Professionals

Dallas, Georgia (PRWEB) November 24, 2014

Spacemaker Cots and Sheets USA, a 45-year old, family-owned American manufacturing company known for its quality childcare cots and sheets, today celebrated the grand opening of its new manufacturing facility in Dallas, Georgia by launching new lines of pet cots at the most competitive prices around.

For the pet industry, including veterinarians, pet hotels, spas and shelters, Spacemaker is introducing two new lines of Lucky Dog and Kimmie Cat Cots for professional use and as a resale product to customers and clients.

Pet owners are among the most conscientious people when it comes to the health and well-being of their animals, said Michael Carway, President of RCS Enterprises Georgia LLC, dba Spacemaker Cots and Sheets USA. When dogs and cats venture outside, theyre faced with an assault by ticks, fleas, insects and, of course, dirt. Spacemakers Lucky Dog and Kimmie Cat Cots keep pets clean, dry and safe in the great outdoors and comfortable inside.

Spacemakers Lucky Dog and Kimmie Cat Cots are designed for ultimate pet care and comfort. From kittens and beagles to German Shepherds and Golden Retrievers, Spacemaker offers up to four sizes of pet cots. The Lucky Dog Stackable line allows up to 10 cots to be stacked for easy storage. The Lucky Dog Folding Cot line, also easily stacked, is the preferred choice for travelers who want a pet bed that can be folded for use in their vehicles and unfolded at their destination.

All Spacemaker cots are made of ultra-lightweight structured aluminum and the same type of durable polyester fabric used to construct military tents. They are available in blue and camouflage.

Spacemaker also offers custom, fitted sheets for all its cots and most competitors.

At Spacemaker, we like to say If youve got a cot, weve got it covered, said Carway.

The 45-year old, family-owned American manufacturing company, which recently relocated its factory to the Atlanta area from Staunton, Virginia, produces all of its products in Dallas, Ga. Its cots are made using American materials and its sheets are sown from cotton/poly fabric produced at North Carolina mills.

For more information visit, http://www.SpacemakerCots.com.


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Motion-Imaging Industry Luminaries Recognized at SMPTE

Los Angeles and New York (PRWEB) November 11, 2014

The Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

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Stonebridge Companies Homewood Suites Anchorage Associates Receive Industry Recognition

Anchorage, AK (PRWEB) January 02, 2015

The Homewood Suites by Hilton Anchorage hotel proudly announces the nomination of four associates in the upcoming Alaska Hotel and Lodging Associations Stars of the Industry Awards Program. The program was established to recognize outstanding accomplishments in the lodging and hospitality industry and honors industry employees, businesses and lodging properties. The winners in each category will compete nationally in the American Hotel & Lodging Associations Stars of the Industry Awards Program.

The Homewood Suites Anchorage hotel associates will be recognized at the AKH&LA Awards Gala on January 24, 2015. Jaeline David, MonaLisa Sanft, and Patrick Tia have been nominated for Outstanding Employee of the Year (less than 150 rooms), an award which honors exemplary professionalism and service by an employee in a non-management position. MonaLisa Sanft and Cordero McNeal are nominated for the Rising Star Award, which recognizes emerging leaders in the industry under the age of 30 that display enthusiasm and dedication that goes above and beyond their normal job responsibilities.

The Homewood Suites Anchorage, Alaska hotel is conveniently located near downtown Anchorage and Ted Stevens International Airport. Guests can lounge in one of 122 studio, one-and two-bedroom suites and enjoy hotel amenities such as free high speed internet, a 24-hour business center, flexible event spaces, and a hot full breakfast served daily. For more information or reservations, contact the Homewood Suites Anchorage hotel directly at 907-762-7000, or visit the hotel website and Facebook Page. The Homewood Suites hotel is proudly managed by Stonebridge Companies in Denver, Colorado.

Founded in 1991 by Navin C. Dimond, Stonebridge Companies is a privately owned, innovative hotel owner, operator and developer headquartered near Denver, Colorado. The companys current portfolio entails 45 hotels with over 7,000 rooms nationwide. This diverse listing of properties includes select-service, extended-stay, mid-scale and full-service hotels in markets throughout the U.S. For detailed information, visit our website at http://www.SBCOS.com.

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Will the Uber of everything be the end of the CIO in the logistics industry?

(PRWEB UK) 4 November 2014

Theres an incredible group of people set to gather November 17-18th in Amsterdam to explore the future of the CIO in the logistics industry, and to deconstruct the role technology is playing in the logistics industry space.

One of the leading speakers has written a preview of one of the angles of discussion set to be covered at the event the future of the logistics CIO in the face of cross-industry software, ground-breaking new business models and the wealth of data on hand. Dr. Walther Ploos Van Amstel, Associate Professor of Logistics at Vrije Universiteit, lecturer at Hogeschool van Amsterdam and expert for TNO Mobility and Slimstock Professionals has written an article on these topics, providing a sample of what hes set to discuss in more detail at the upcoming Logistics CIO Forum November 17-18.

Click here to read the article now: http://goo.gl/pQ92z4

The Logistics CIO Forum will be taking place in Amsterdams Park Plaza Hotel at Amsterdams Schiphol Airport November 17-18. Complimentary passes are available for senior technology decision-makers from logistics companies, and for the supply chain of manufacturers and retailers. Visit the event site for more details: http://goo.gl/YO3g8i

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VJ-Advance Video Borescope Expands into the Agricultural Aviation Industry

(PRWEB) December 03, 2014

The National Agricultural Aviation Association (NAAA) Annual Convention is the worlds largest trade show for agricultural aviation. RF System Lab is excited to announce that they are expanding their presence to include the agricultural aviation industry. The VJ-Advance video borescope, already a top choice for commercial and military aviation inspection applications, will be presented at the NAAA Annual Convention to agricultural aviation professionals.

The conference takes place Dec. 8-11, 2014 at the Kentucky International Convention Center in the heart of Louisville, KY. NAAAs Annual Conference will feature educational and training sessions, a live and silent auction, opportunities to ask the experts, and over 140 exhibitors.

RF System Lab hopes to catch the eye of aviation maintenance professionals while exhibiting at the NAAA Annual Conference. The VJ-Advance articulating video borescope is the perfect tool for a variety of aviation inspections, especially in an industry where aircraft are a critical component of high-yield agriculture; which means keeping downtime to a minimum is a must.

Borescope expert Zack Wessels will be onsite at booth 749 to provide VJ-Advance demos and answer any questions about how RF System Labs video borescope can help ensure that agricultural aircraft stay in flight. Exhibits open at 12:00 p.m. on Tuesday, Dec. 9th.

If interested companies are unable to make it to the NAAA Annual Conference, there is still a chance to test the VJ-Advance video borescope onsite at their facility. Industry professionals can visit the RF System Lab website to sign up for the no-cost, no-obligation demo program. For more information about RF System Lab or the VJ-Advance video borescope, call 888-747-6526.

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Turbo Coil Revolutionizing the Industry with Its First R-290 Propane Driven Glycol Prep Table & Chef Base in the World

Duarte, CA (PRWEB) October 30, 2014

Turbo Coil, a newly designed restaurant refrigeration R290 Propane Glycol Pizza Prep table & Glycol Chef Base is the first OEM manufacturer in the USA to produce a R290 is revolutionizing and redefining the restaurant refrigeration industry in a big way. Developed by Hector Delgadillo, Turbo Coil combines substantial technological and construction advancements that ensure longer life, far superior performance and significant cost savings to the end user. The Glycol Prep tables was tested at PG & E/Food Technology Center in San Ramon, CA in October 2013 add the prep table results we off the charts on performance and energy savings. This new innovation is going to set the standard for all Prep tables in the world. Turbo Coil’s Glycol will be the first prep table to earn an “Energy Star rating”. You can view the test results on Food Service Technology Center website under latest publications. Our new Glycol Prep table is far superior than Kairak’s Blu System that is on the market.

According to Hector Delgadillo, CEO of Turbo Coil, We have been servicing and installing refrigeration coils for years. They all have similar problems, resulting in more cost to the end user. We wanted to make a product that would blow the whistle and restore buying power to the customer. We did just that.

The Turbo Coil design, while relatively new to the industry, is already making big waves. The company has already contracted with Cheesecake Factory, BJ’s Chicsgo for Pizza, Encore/Wynn hotels, MGM Grand Hotels. The past few years have been exciting. We have landed some major accounts, and the industry recognition we have been receiving has been nothing short of overwhelming.

Several key differences help set Turbo Coil apart from the competitors that have long dominated the industry. For instance, rather than aluminum, Turbo Coil utilizes high quality stainless steel for superior life in their refrigeration coils. In addition, it integrates a breakaway fan assembly that can be replaced with ease, as well as a removable/replaceable core. This is one of the most significant differentiating factors most coils have to be replaced when the core fails, with a cost of more than $ 1,000 for replacement. The average lifespan for standard coils is about 5 years. However, the Turbo Coil can last for up to 15 years with minor maintenance.

Another feature that Delgadillo insisted on is that the coils be manufactured in America, and they are assembled right in Duarte, CA. Each coil features a high efficiency blower motor designed to provide the utmost in heat recovery, and a multidirectional fan ensures cooling to any location where it is required.

The housing is manufactured from #304 #4 finish stainless steel to provide the utmost in resistance to age, debris, moisture and other corrosive factors that can combine to reduce coil life. Finally, the Turbo Coil features a streamlined, slim design that ensures it mates perfectly with any application.

Perhaps the most significant benefit of the Turbo Coil is the fact that it utilizes a digital thermostat. Turbo Coil is the only manufacturer in the industry utilizing digital thermostats. Other coils rely on outdated analog thermostats, which can be up to 5 degrees off in accuracy. Digital technology allows restaurant owners to enjoy lower utility bills without sacrificing performance.

The Turbo Coil design is set to stand the industry on its ear the unique design and immense longevity combined with the ability to save users money in both the short and long term have made this coil a force to contend with on the market.

To find out more about the Turbo Coil or to place an order, visit the company at http://www.TurboCoil.com.

About Turbo Coil: Turbo Coil manufactures fully assembled evaporator coils for the commercial refrigeration industry. Their customers include kitchen fabricators, kitchen designers and service contractors. Manufacturing out of Duarte, California, Turbo Coils mission is to change commercial refrigeration by integrating the latest available technology, maximizing efficiency, minimizing energy consumption and developing loyal relationships with customers based on their commitment to quality. The company stands behind their goal of quality you can trust.

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International Voyager DBA CruiseDirect.com Names Travel Industry Veteran Lee Sherry Director of Marketing

Little Falls, NJ (PRWEB) November 22, 2014

International Voyager announced today that hospitality veteran Lee Sherry has joined the company as Director of Marketing leading the companys global marketing, and digital strategies.

We are very excited to welcome Lee to the International Voyager team and look forward to his contributions supporting our continued expansion as well as strengthening the CruiseDirect brand in our established markets, said John Maguire, President.

Sherry brings a strong track record of success to the International Voyager brand with more than 20 years of experience in the hospitality industry. Focusing on SEO, strategic digital and affiliate marketing, his successes include Hotels.com and getaroom.com.

Sherry says, “Whether you are looking for luxurious comfort or an affordable escape, cruising offers travelers a wide variety of choices that truly bring dreams to life. As new destinations are announced along with new ships, the choices will only get better. CruiseDirect.com has the travel expertise and experienced support to meet the needs of today’s cruise traveler. I am thrilled at the opportunity to come on board to contribute towards its continued success.”

Customers interested in learning more about cruise packages should contact a dedicated cruise sales specialist on 888.407.2784 or visit http://www.cruisedirect.com.

About International Voyager: International Voyagers mission is to be the industry leader in cruise sales aggregation and for the 3rd consecutive year has been recognized by Inc 5000 as one of the fastest growing private companies in America!

International Voyagers flagship site http://www.cruisedirect.com is a leading online cruise travel company dedicated to providing its consumers with access to compelling content, exclusive promotions and exceptional deals on cruise vacations.

International Voyagers President, John Maguire is available for media interviews to discuss cruise market segments, industry growth and global forecasts.

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Engineers, Technicians, and Electrical Power System Industry Leaders Gather for High-Powered Learning at PowerTest 2015

Portage, Michigan (PRWEB) October 21, 2014

Electrical safety, reliability, equipment, relays, and electrical commissioning, will be the focus on the first day of PowerTest 2015, Monday, March 2, at the Renaissance Nashville Hotel in Nashville, Tennessee. PowerTest is an event hosted by NETA (InterNational Electrical Testing Association) and will be held March 2-6, 2015.

Monday starts off with breakfast and an engaging and motivating session with keynote speaker Edmund O. Schweitzer, III, Ph.D., president of Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories.

Following the keynote, attendees can choose from 27 unique, 45-minute technical presentations including the option to attend a three-hour symposium covering electrical commissioning. NETA Certified Technicians who need Continuing Technical Development Credits (CTDs) as well as other industry professionals needing continuing education will benefit from the broad range of topics presented by leaders in the industry. The technical presentations will be organized into five tracks including:

Electrical Safety Six presentations on electrical safety are showcased. Jim White and Kerry Heid of Shermco Industries will present their perspective on The Impact of Electrical Safety to Maintenance: NFPA 70B and CSA Z463. Other programs will focus on extension cord safety, changes to OSHA 269 and OSHA 1926 regulations, and electrical safety audits. Learn more about the Electrical Safety Track PowerTest 2015Monday Schedule, Electrical Safety.

Reliability This track is composed of six presentations including A Comprehensive Maintenance Strategy for Medium-Voltage Cable Testing, by Ashley Harkness, Electrical Reliability Services. Other presentations cover discovery of transformer short circuit winding before failure, bushings that bite what you dont know can hurt you, and battery ohmic testing. Learn more about the Reliability Track PowerTest 2015Monday Schedule, Reliability.

Equipment In one of six presentations on equipment, Noah Bethel of PdMA Corporation will present The Trifecta of Motor Maintenance. Other equipment topics, presented by subject matter experts, focus on testing and diagnostic challenges associated with magnetically actuated vacuum circuit breakers; five things to know about power quality monitoring; QA electrical testing of medium-voltage global VPI stator windings; and maintenance testing of low-voltage, power circuit breakers in a large auto assembly plant. Learn more about the Equipment Track PowerTest 2015Monday Schedule, Equipment.

Relays In one of six presentations, William Knapek of OMICRON electronics Corp. USA offers Test the System, Not the Element. Others include improving reliability beyond compliance, configuring your microprocessor-based relay system for maximum value, and transmission line protection 101. Learn more about the Relays Track by clicking PowerTest 2015Monday Schedule, Relays.

Electrical Commissioning Three presentations are featured in this track, including Lorne Garas Understanding and Implementing the NETA Electrical Commissioning Standard ECS-2015. Another example of what is included in the Electrical Commissioning Track is a focus on commissioning progress communication. Learn more about the Electrical Commissioning Track PowerTest 2015Monday Schedule, Electrical Commissioning.

The PowerTest 2015 Electrical Commissioning Symposium will also be held Monday and will be moderated by Lorne Gara of Orbis Engineering, Ltd.

Registration is required to attend all conference events and networking activities. Additional fees may apply. Discounts are available for NETA Accredited Companies and NETA Alliance subscribers and for attending multiple seminars. To register for PowerTest 2015 or to review a detailed list of conference offerings and registration discount opportunities, visit http://www.powertest.org or call 888.300.NETA (6382). Full conference days are Monday, March 2 Friday, March 6, 2014.

About NETA

NETA is an ANSI Accredited Standards Developing Organization that creates and maintains standards on electrical testing for electrical power equipment and systems. NETA is an association of leading electrical testing companies comprised of visionaries committed to advancing the industry standards for power system installation and maintenance to ensure the highest level of reliability and safety.


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Cloud-Based, Workforce Scheduling Solution for Hospitality and Event Industry Experiences National Growth within First Year

PEARL RIVER, NY (PRWEB) November 13, 2014

Seasoned hospitality executives Frank ODea and Greg Dodge engaged Pearl River, NYs Superior Technology Solutions to design and create the scheduling application Schedule Cloud by One Touch. The scheduling tool, rolled out in September 2013, was built to meet to meet the growing needs of the hospitality industry.

One year later, Schedule Cloud is actively used by over 3,000 staff members for hospitality giants such as Restaurant Associates, Wolfgang Puck and Universal Studios in a multi-city roll-out including New York, Los Angeles, Boston and Washington DC. Given the success of Schedule Cloud, ODea and Dodge are already planning next steps for the platform. One year out, were turning a profit, and growingvery positive for a start-up, says co-founder Dodge.

ODea explains that, since each Schedule Cloud customer requires some level of customization, their high-touch relationship with Superior Technology has been imperative. Superior has made tweaks for us on a dimequickly and efficiently, and weve never had to worry about something not working. That could be a killer when we have large companies counting on us to organize their workforce at all hours.

Superior Technology President John Luludis shares, the Superior Technology team is proud to have spearheaded the creation of Schedule Cloud, and we are thrilled that the market has responded positively to the application. We understand the timely nature of the hospitality industry, and continue to work hard to deliver the updates and customizations needed by the One Touch team as their footprint expands.

Created in response to a continual rise in labor costs and shrinking profits, Schedule Cloud saves time in managing a part-time workforce, streamlines operations and maximizes profits. The tool allows employees to directly interface with the application; by entering their availability, users are matched with upcoming events, and after scheduling, administrators and employees both have access to electronic employee time sheets. The competitively-priced software is based on number of users versus the traditional transaction pricing model, and it can be used on the enterprise level or for smaller caterers.

ODea explains, Among a number of projects right now, we are customizing the program for a staffing company with the help of Superior Technology. Really, its use is limitless in regards to schedule management.

Schedule-Cloud offers role-based access for administrators and managers. The tool is leased with a monthly fee, which can be cancelled at any time. In addition, Schedule Cloud offers users a free trial period. Superior Technology is already working on many new enhancements for the mobile version of the application.

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