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InfoValue Announces its IPTV installation at the IP Casino, Resort, & Spa in Biloxi, Mississippi.

Elmsford, NY (PRWEB) June 15, 2015

InfoValue Computing, Inc. (InfoValue), IP Media Technology experts, today marked the conclusion of the companys successful installation of InfoValue SuiteTV at IP Casino, Resort, and Spa in Biloxi, Mississippi (IP Biloxi). IP Biloxi selected InfoValue for the value-add of the companys SuiteTV platform, the systems flexibility to work effectively in various environments and InfoValues technical expertise, as the hotel needed a vendor that could work with legacy equipment of a previous interactive TV vendor that had ceased operating.

After a redesign of the existing componentry, InfoValue was able to deliver the full menu of SuiteTV offerings to IP Biloxi. Guests now enjoy IP-VOD movies and the easy-to-use SuiteTV user interface complete with an IP Biloxi guest portal including interactive amenities. Next, IP Biloxi looks to take advantage of the SuiteTV platforms digital signage and integrated Players Club capabilities. Eventually, IP Biloxi will procure and install SmartTVs, which will allow for a set-top box free room environment.

IP Biloxi has been quite impressed with InfoValues ability to bring great and cost-effective value to the property and our guests. By working closely together, IP Biloxi and InfoValue have created a superior guest entertainment and information experience that reinforces our focus on exceptional customer service, said Duncan McKenzie, IP Biloxis Vice President and General Manager.

IP Biloxi represented a significant and unique challenge. My colleagues and I take great pride in what InfoValue was able to accomplish, especially given IP Biloxis remarkable commitment to guest service, said Monsong Chen, CEO of InfoValue. We are thankful for IP Biloxis confidence in InfoValue leading to this project.

InfoValue SuiteTV is a leading-edge IP Media Technology solution tailored specifically for the hospitality industry. InfoValue SuiteTV offers personalized guest services ranging from high-quality HDTV VOD to network-based personal video recording (nPVR), time-shifted television (TSTV), and a fully integrated mobile component enabling screen-sharing and soft access points for high-speed Internet access (HSIA). The integrated mobile component reflects InfoValues commitment to empowering guests to control their in-room experience. InfoValue SuiteTV is therefore uniquely capable of delivering hotel quadruple play services delivery of TV, video, voice, and data over a converged IP network infrastructure, to generate new revenues, increase guest satisfaction and loyalty, and reduce operational expenses.

About InfoValue:

Founded in 1994, InfoValue is recognized for innovations and advances in IP Media Technology. InfoValue QuickVideo is a standards-compliant, open architecture platform, which is optimized with innovative, patented technologies, delivering interactive video-on-demand and video multicast capabilities, as well as integrated video indexing, distributed video caching, server clustering, and video service management capabilities,. InfoValue QuickVideo counts as its users: telecommunication carriers, corporations, governments, educational institutions, hospitality providers, and broadcasters worldwide. InfoValue delivers turnkey, industry-specific IP Media Technology solutions, such as InfoValue SuiteTV for hospitality, InfoValue BizTV for training and communications, and InfoValue NextGenTV for residential. InfoValue’s corporate headquarters are located at 4 Westchester Plaza, Elmsford, NY 10523. More information on InfoValue and its products and services is available at http://www.infovalue.com, via e-mail at info(at)infovalue(dot)com, or by phone at (914) 345-5980.

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Starpoint Resort Group Reveals 4th of July Celebrations in Las Vegas

Las Vegas (PRWEB) June 15, 2015

Starpoint Resort Group knows that now it is time for families, couples, and even individuals to find ways to appreciate special summer holidays. From Memorial Day to the 4th of July, the summer is full of some of the most extraordinary and exciting holiday weekends in the United States. Every individual should be able to make the most of this holiday time, and can do so when they take advantage of great travel opportunities, as well as special holiday events in the luxurious and thrilling destinations that they choose. This 4th of July, Starpoint Resort Group wants to make sure that many travelers have the opportunity to take advantage of vacations and assure them that they can do so by heading to Las Vegas for local celebrations. Here, the travel expert will review some of the best celebrations that will be happening in Las Vegas this 4th of July.

First, Starpoint Resort Group reveals that 4th of July celebrations in Las Vegas usually start early and can last close to a week. This year, the 4th will be a Saturday and the Las Vegas celebrations for the event will not only commence during the weekend, but will happen throughout the week leading up to the 4th as well. During the week of the 4th, travelers should expect amazing pool parties and several celebrations at the various venues across the Strip. Additionally, there will be many different firework displays throughout the city. In fact, many of the luxury hotels and resorts in the area, such as Caesars Palace, will be putting on their own displays in honor of the holiday, trying to impress guests with the spectacular shows.

For nights out during the holiday, Starpoint Resort Group shares that there will be many restaurants and bars with a variety of dining options that can be appreciated on the 4th of July. In honor of Independence Day, many of these will also offer specials to patrons. However, those who want to take advantage of dinner specials and delicious meals on the Strip must make sure that they make reservations for their favorite spots since the holiday will bring many large crowds into Las Vegas.

From the shining lights of Las Vegas, to unforgettable luxury destinations all around the world, there are thousands of amazing vacation options to travelers each time they plan a getaway. With the help of Starpoint Resort Group, travelers can access all of these and plan the vacation that they have always dreamed of, all while enjoying extraordinary resort stays and the top of the line service available through this luxury accommodation provider. To learn more visit http://www.starpointresortgroup.com.


Phone: (866) 654-3247

Email: info(at)StarpointResortGroup(dot)com

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Starpoint Resort Group Recommends the Electric Daisy Carnival in Las Vegas

Las Vegas (PRWEB) June 09, 2015

With the summer season fast approaching, it is now an amazing time for travelers to begin planning their upcoming getaways with a vacation expert such as Starpoint Resort Group. When individuals are trying to choose the right destination for an upcoming trip, one of the best options that they have available to them is Las Vegas. In addition to some of the great local entertainment options, from concerts to shopping in the luxury hotels on The Strip, there are also a number of amazing events that take place in Las Vegas year round, and there will be many of these taking place in the upcoming months. One of the best events that Starpoint Resort Group would like to invite visitors to is the Insomniac Electric Daisy Carnival 2015.

For music lovers who are coming to Las Vegas this June, this is the ideal event to attend during their getaway with Starpoint Resort Group. This is one of the many amazing music festivals and events that Insomniac hosts each year. These unforgettable events are known for outstanding lights and arts displays melded with music and theatrical and circus performances as well. Of these music events, the Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the biggest and best known music festivals in the United States, drawing thousands to celebrate at this thrilling concert experience each year.

Starpoint Resort Group recommends that music lovers and those that are looking for a remarkable night out set their sights on this unforgettable event when they are in Las Vegas from the 19th to the 21st of June. Each evening there will be concert events on the main stage from 6 pm to 6 am to thrill those who are in attendance at the event. This is an 18 and over party, perfect for couples and groups of friends who are in Las Vegas together. Tickets for the event start at $ 249 for a three day pass to attend the whole weekend. The carnival will be held at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Motorsports Complex.

For travelers to have the vacations of their dreams, they need to have a knowledgeable travel expert to help them plan the perfect trip. This is where Starpoint Resort Group comes in. Starpoint Resort Group is a dependable travel provider, with an expert team devoted to customer service. This team can help individuals find luxurious resort stays in beautiful destinations all over the word, making the perfect vacation easier than ever to attain. To learn more about planning a trip with Starpoint Resort Group visit http://www.starpointresortgroup.com.


Phone: (866) 654-3247

Email: info(at)StarpointResortGroup(dot)com

Press release distributed by JW Maxx Solutions, a leader in content management solutions and part of a family of companies that includes Enterate Ahora.

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Rare Tiger Heron Revealed at Hotel Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort

Mazatlan, Mexico (PRWEB) June 05, 2015

Hotel Marina El Cid Spa and Beach Resort is one of the most popular Riviera Maya resorts for luxury vacations. Travelers who plan a stay at this oceanfront resort are in for a rare treat this summer, as they will have exclusive access to a great vacation experience.

One of the many reasons travelers enjoy spending time in the Riviera Maya area of Mexico is that they have access to numerous amenities and activities. The experience one has while staying at Hotel Marina El Cid Spa and Beach Resort will make memories that last a lifetime. A rare opportunity that many do not get to see is the variety of uncommon plant and wildlife that is indigenous to the area.

In 2005, Hurricane Wilma strongly impacted the entire region of Riviera Maya. Tiger Herons commonly nested in this area and many locals were worried this species would face extinction. Those who visit Hotel Marina El Cid Spa & Beach Resort will be delighted to see these birds have returned and they can visit the conservation area, El Caribe Nursery, within the hotel grounds. Native to Central America and Northern Colombia, this is a rare chance to see these beautiful wading birds, named for the stripes that adorn their necks, up close and personal.

Hotel Marina El Cid Spa and Beach Resort informs travelers that they can see the herons at different stages of their development during their stay. Throughout the last year, in particular, even more nesting has occurred and some exciting events have taken place. Hatchlings were seen migrating from their nest, collecting food, and more. In 2014, Lea Parra Gomez, a graduate student at the Mesoamerican Polytechnic University of Tenosique, Tabasco conducted a very interesting study that linked hotel tourism with the nursery activity of these animals aligning with environmental education. Visiting Hotel Marina El Cid Spa and Beach Resort is the perfect way to learn more about this interesting study, and these wonderful creatures. For more information about how to have the perfect vacation in Mexico, visit http://www.elcid.com.

About El Cid Resorts

El Cid Resorts owns a collection of six luxury hotels in three destinations which it has managed for over four decades. With resort options in Mazatlan, Cancun, and Cozumel, Mexico, El Cid provides some of the best vacation experiences available. By offering a wide variety of services, amenities, and different meal plan options including all-inclusive, guests can customize their vacation to suit their needs. El Cid Resorts in Mexico has been honored with customer choice awards from companies such as TripAdvisor, AAA, and other quality travel companies. For more information on El Cid Resorts please visit http://www.elcid.com.


El Cid Resorts Contact Information


Toll-Free: 1 866 306 6113


Within Mexico

Mazatlan Toll-Free: 01 800 716 9800

Riviera Maya Toll-Free: 01 800 003 6292

Cozumel Toll-Free: 01 800 670 3277


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Ayres Hotels Introduces the New ALO Hotel near Disneyland Resort

Orange, CA (PRWEB) May 26, 2015

Today, Ayres Hotels is proud to introduce the opening of ALO Hotel located in the city of Orange and just two miles from Disneyland Resort. Formerly the Ayres Inn Orange, the newly minted ALO Hotel offers an adventurous and sophisticated remodel while still maintaining the passion for personalized guest service that has made Ayres Hotels a leader in the Southern California hospitality industry.

Guests of ALO Hotel will experience a number of exciting features including an array of contemporary design elements showcasing a sleek new fireplace, stainless steel accents and bursts of bold color like raspberry and orange. Energy, synergy, and harmony collide to provide guests a unique hotel oasis close to the bustle of some of Southern Californias biggest attractions. Anepalco, the full service restaurant offering delectable French-Mexican fusion cuisine remains on-site to add a touch of culinary edge to the ALO Hotel adventure. Guests will also be treated to complimentary Wi-Fi, parking, and a full breakfast buffet.

ALO Hotel is a fresh approach and an opportunity to reach emerging markets yet continue to serve our loyal guests, says Don Ayres III. I am confident that this hotel will resonate with guests loyal to the Ayres Hotels brand while also opening the door to guests looking for a one-of-kind hotel stay.


In the hospitality business since 1984, Ayres Hotels owns and operates a collection of custom boutique-style hotels in prime Southern California locations. The core values of the company include caring for people, valuing teamwork and delivering results. The Ayres family has been a leader in the California residential and commercial real estate industry for more than a century. Visit the company online at http://www.ayreshotels.com or call 714-384-3150.

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Harmony Outdoor Brands Tapped to Supply Fairway Grass for Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort & Spa

Sarasota, FL (PRWEB) May 20, 2015

Harmony Outdoor Brands, the nations top retail sod provider, was chosen to provide fairway sod for the renovated Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort & Spa in Boerne, Texas. The resort was carefully restored by country music superstar George Strait and Texas businessman Tom Cusick. Harmony Turf, which is specially cultivated for its hardiness, was also used to re-sod the golf course roughs.

The golf course turf restoration is just one element of the extensive renovation, which began when Strait and Cusick purchased the 250-acre property in 2011. The resort features a 112-room hotel, pro shop, locker rooms, bar and dining room. The partners, both avid golfers, had been coming to the resort for many years. They are proud to restore it to its former glory.

Tapatio Springs Hill Country Resort & Spa is also home to the annual Vaqueros del Mar Invitational Golf Tournament and Auction, to support wounded U.S. service men and women. Created by Strait and Cusick, the week-long event raises hundreds of thousands of dollars for designated nonprofit organizations.

Tapatio Springs is a project close to our hearts. This golf course is like an old friend. We wanted a quality sod provider, and Harmony Outdoor Brands more than surpassed our expectations, said Strait. We look forward to calling on them in the future to help us restore and maintain this beautiful facility.

The Lone Star state is one of our top markets, commented Harmony Brands lawn and garden expert Mike Pope. Having spent time in Texas, its easy to understand why quality turf is so important there. Texans clearly value outdoor living and recreation.

Harmony Outdoor Brands has grown from a regional turf supplier to become the largest supplier of retail sod nationwide, distributed through all major home improvement retailers. The companys network of top-tier growers has more than 10,000 acres of turf grass under production in 48 states.

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Tulemar Resort Wins TripAdvisor Award for Best Service in Costa Rica

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica (PRWEB) January 30, 2015

The annual TripAdvisor “Traveler’s Choice” awards have been announced, and Tulemar Resort in Manuel Antonio captured multiple prizes. For the second year in a row, the Costa Rica vacation provider has won “Best Hotel for Families – Costa Rica” and “Best Hotel for Families – Central America”.

Located on the picturesque Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Tulemar also ranked second in the “Best Hotel for Families – World” category, and for the first time, has been named Best Hotel Service in Costa Rica. The awards and rankings are comprised of the reviews and ratings the resort has received from the social media site’s community of millions of travelers worldwide.

“This is especially gratifying for us because service is the aspect we have the most control over,” says Dave Houck, spokesperson for the resort, adding, “Its an area we’ve worked a lot on, and its nice to win the award. Because these awards are determined by guest satisfaction, it’s a real affirmation that we’re meeting the goals of excellence that we strive so hard for. We want everyone to have an unforgettable stay,” he adds.

Offering a wide range of accommodations of different sizes and costs, the resort scores high marks with TripAdvisor users in terms of the usual guest considerations, including location, service, value and cleanliness. Houck recognizes that Tulemar offers families some extra benefits that don’t fit neatly into the usual categories.

“Our jungle location is an incredible attraction, and our beach is calm and uncrowded. It’s perfect for playing in the waves, and we provide sea kayaks, boogie boards, lounge chairs and umbrellas for our guests to use free of charge. Wildlife including three types of monkeys, two types of sloths, exotic birds and many different reptiles are abundant at the resort, and families repeatedly tell us they see the same number of jungle animals inside Tulemar as they do in the nearby Manuel Antonio National Park.

“There are so many exciting activities to do in the area that kids and adults alike never have a chance to get bored,” he says.

“We offer all our guests an online concierge to assist with their pre-arrival planning. That makes a huge difference, since it frees our guests from the potential headaches and pitfalls of planning things themselves. Once they arrive, guests have a personal concierge to make sure everything goes as planned,” Houck reports.

Tulemar Resort can accommodate families of all sizes with properties ranging from one-bedroom bungalows to large luxury villas.

About Tulemar Resort

Tulemar Resort is a small resort situated overlooking the Pacific Ocean in Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica. A wide range of accommodations of different sizes and costs are offered to travelers, from rustic one bedroom bungalows to large luxury villas.

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Top Luxury Resort Cabo San Lucas Hacienda Encantada Recaps 2014 Accolades

Cabo San Lucas, Mexico (PRWEB) January 28, 2015

We are in the early stages of a fresh new year and 2014 was a year with many wonderful highpoints and several challenges for Hacienda Encantada and also Los Cabos in general. In September, los Cabos experienced its strongest hurricane on record, causing a lot of damage and requiring months of cleanup. With that being the main challenge faced by the destination, any other challenges pale in comparison. However 2014 was an excellent year for the resort group, Mexico Grand Hotels, and also Los Cabos in general. 2015 has already gotten off to a wonderful start. Top Luxury Resort Cabo San Lucas Hacienda Encantada would like to look back at 2014 and review some of the highlights so we can reveal 2015s goals.

1. The 2014 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence was awarded to Hacienda Encantada. TripAdvisor, being the largest and most popular review site for lodgings and restaurants worldwide, makes this award extra special. TripAdvisor awards the certificate of excellence to hotels, resorts and businesses that have achieved excellent reviews and, more importantly, proven the reviews mattered and worked to improve service. With new hotel management positioned at Top Luxury Resort in Cabo San Lucas Hacienda Encantada early last year, this certificate was an honor. Improving service and quality is always at the forefront of the goals of hotel management as making guest and member stays the best possible is always what the staff strives for.

2. Cond

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Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa in Lake Placid, NY, located in the northern Adirondacks, completes over $4 million renovation project impacting 92 rooms

Lake Placid, N.Y. (PRWEB) March 26, 2015

A major series of room renovations at the AAA Four Diamond Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa in Lake Placid, N.Y. is coming to a conclusion.

A total of 92 of the inns 131 units have been totally refurbished at a cost in excess of $ 4 million. Known as the Classic collection of rooms, the project, executed seasonally, began in the fall of 2013. Each has added more than 65 square feet, representing 20 percent more space per room.

This is significantly larger than most standard hotel rooms in Lake Placid.

This is just the latest round of enhancements that fulfill the hotels philosophy of on-going improvements and reinvestment.

Our guests have spoken and we have listened, said Mirror Lake Inn owner Ed Weibrecht. We ask each of our guests to complete comment cards and we take their thoughts seriously. These significant improvements are a collaboration of our guests input, coupled with the efforts of our hotel leadership and construction crew. With the project completed, the initial feedback from our visitors has been overwhelmingly positive. We are even better positioned now to serve the modern traveler and their families.

As the guest enters these brand new luxe Classic Rooms, the nature of the re-design becomes immediately apparent. The exterior wall features wall-to-wall and floor-to-ceiling glass with French style, sliding doors. Retaining a balcony feel, new sound-proof and energy-efficient doors open our guests to what appears to be a mural of the nearby High Peaks Wilderness Area. Except its all very real.

The renovations also allow more of our clear, refreshing Adirondack mountain air and ample sunlight to permeate the room, along with a view that overlooks pristine Mirror Lake and the Adirondack High Peaks.

The initiative made these rooms very versatile, offering a sleeping area with either two queen-sized beds or a king bed. There is also a year-round, sitting area/porch which offers additional space and comfortable seating. This makes it the perfect place to enjoy a glass of wine or your favorite book.

Families in a Classic Room can use the blackout drapes allowing mom and dad to put the kids to bed early, but still enjoy the sitting area for conversation or reading. This optional separation also satisfies the early riser in the family, who can enjoy coffee with a view, or work on the laptop without disturbing others who wish to sleep.

In addition, the modernization added more power outlets that are easier to access, placed USB connections in the walls and recessed reading lights over both beds.

The seven-acre property also includes luxuriously appointed lodging in the Colonial House and Lake Cottage, both on the lakeshore. The Colonial House was re-built from the ground up prior to 2013, while the Lake Cottage has similarly been a recipient of noteworthy upgrades.

Mirror Lake Inn Resort and Spa has been AAA Four Diamond rated for 30 consecutive years. It features upscale Four Diamond dining in The View Restaurant, which is Lake Placids lone Four Diamond establishment serving elegant comfort food; the trendy Taste Bistro and Bar; and a hip pub at The Cottage Caf

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Thunder Valley Casino Resort Chooses VizExplorers Award-Wininng Products

San Diego, CA (PRWEB) March 07, 2015

Northern California-based Thunder Valley Casino Resort has chosen VizExplorers products to enhance its marketing and operational initiatives. The destination resort, located 30 miles northeast of Sacramento and 120 miles southwest of Reno, features over 2,500 slot and video machines,102 table games and a live poker room with space for 240 players.

After evaluating the wide range of Business Intelligence and operational tools, it became obvious that VizExplorer was the right choice for us, said Jay Duarte, Assistant General Manager of Thunder Valley Casino Resort. The VizExplorer products really help us get our data sorted, which is great. We can use that data within the VizExplorer products to better drive our business. For instance, VizExplorers campaign management tool helps us create more effective promotions and lets us know which ones are really working well and which ones are not all at the touch of a button.

We are thrilled that Thunder Valley, the largest casino in the highly competitive Northern California market, has chosen VizExplorer, said Andrew Cardno, Chief Technology Officer, VizExplorer. We look forward to ensuring that the Thunder Valley team gets the most out of VizExplorer products. Our new range of operational products for campaign management and player development are making a big impact with casino operators.

Added Jon Zimmerman, President of Casino Business Strategies (a VizExplorer partner), who handled the sale: We are happy to have been able to introduce Thunder Valley Casino Resort to VizExplorers range of powerful and easy-to-use products. Theres a reason VizExplorer is the industry leader when it comes to visually enabled data analytics and operational products.

About Thunder Valley Casino Resort

Thunder Valley Casino Resort has been in the elite ranks of AAA Four Diamond award-winning resort destinations since 2011. Located 30 miles east of Sacramento, Thunder Valley Casino Resort offers 250,000 square feet of gaming space including over 2,500 slot and video machines, 102 table games and a live poker room with space for 240 players.

Thunder Valley Casino Resort has 14 restaurants and bars and is home to a luxury, 17-story hotel with 297 rooms, including 40 suites and an expansive outdoor pool complete with private cabanas and a poolside bar.

The Spa at Thunder Valley features a wide variety of treatments including the Golden Veil Facial featuring exclusive Fleurs skincare products. Also on property is a 3,700-space parking structure that leads guests directly into the casino and hotel. For more information on upcoming promotions, entertainment and ticket sales, or to make a reservation at Thunder Valleys AAA Four Diamond resort, visit http://www.thundervalleyresort.com.

The United Auburn Indian Community opened Thunder Valley in June 2003.

About VizExplorer (formerly BIS

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Celebrate 50th Anniversary of Omni La Costa Resort & Spa With Traditional Favorite: The Swing & Spa Vacation Package

CARLSBAD, Calif. (PRWEB) January 15, 2015

An iconic golf destination celebrating its 50th anniversary in 2015, Omni La Costa Resort & Spa invites guests to enjoy the luxurious Southern California retreat with its traditional Swing & Spa Package, a favorite of golf travelers since 1965.

A recipient of the Gold Medal Golf Resort designation by GOLF Magazine, Omni La Costa offers 36 holes of championship-caliber golf on two newly renovated layouts, where golfers will enjoy two distinct playing experiences.

The Champions Course (renovated in 2011) is a combination of tour-quality challenges and straightforward playability, while the more spacious Legends Course (renovated in 2013) offers contrasting visuals and subtle nuances around the greens. The Champions Course has been ranked among Californias Best Courses You Can Play by Golfweek magazine.

Part of the Omni Hotels & Resorts collection of 12 golf destination resorts from coast to coast, Omni La Costa has been home for 40 years to the legends of the PGA Tour and LPGA Tour. And in 2014 it hosted the prestigious California State Amateur Championship, adding to an already impressive resume.

Off the course, complete the Omni La Costa experience with your choice of treatments at the award-winning Spa La Costa. Indulge with a La Costa Custom Massage, Clarifying Botanical Facial, Hydrating Acai Bamboo Facial or Brightening Stone Crop Facial.

The Swing & Spa Package starts at $ 479 per night (based on double occupancy) a savings of $ 380 per night and includes:

-Accommodations (choice of luxury rooms, suites and villas)

-Breakfast for two in Bistro 65

-Happy Hour at Diversions lobby lounge (two cocktails and an appetizer)

-Choice of golf and spa activities (two rounds of golf, or two 50-minute spa treatments, or one of each)

-Complimentary self-parking, high-speed internet, athletic club access, in-room coffee, daily newspaper upon arrival, resort charges

Along with its 50th anniversary, in 2015 the resort also is celebrating the debut of the Omni La Costa Golf Performance Institute (GPI), designed to unite a variety of disciplines that enrich the entire golf lifestyle, on and off the course. The GPI is under the direction of Omni La Costas award-winning Director Of Instruction A.J. Avoli, named by Golf Digest as one of the 40 Best Young Teachers In America.

And as the resort celebrates 50 years of glamour, it continues to enhance its illustrious history of attracting the great names in golf, as well as the glamorous stars of the entertainment world, to its luxurious Spanish Colonial campus, where the cool breeze of the nearby Pacific adds to the comfort of the new, redesigned guestrooms.

Additional information about Omni La Costa Resort & Spa may be found at http://www.lacosta.com.

# # #

About Omni Hotels & Resorts

Omni Hotels & Resorts creates genuine, authentic guest experiences at 60 distinct luxury hotels and resorts in leading business gateways and leisure destinations across North America. With over 20 world-class golf courses and award-winning spa retreats, to dynamic business settings, each Omni showcases the local flavor of the destination while featuring four-diamond services, signature restaurants, Wi-Fi connectivity and unique wellness options. Known for its distinguished, personalized service, Omni leaves a lasting impression with every customer interaction, with a heightened level of recognition and rewards delivered through its Select Guest loyalty program and the companys Power of One associate empowerment program. The brand is frequently recognized by top consumer research organizations and travel publications. To get additional information or book accommodations, visit omnihotels.com or call 1-800-The-Omni.

About Omni La Costa Resort & Spa

Nestled among the beautiful coastal foothills of Carlsbad, Calif., north of San Diego, Omni La Costa Resort & Spa boasts the 43,000 square-foot Spa at La Costa, 607 spacious guestrooms, suites and Villas, a Clubhouse with a fitness center, two acclaimed restaurants – BlueFire Grill and Bistro 65 – two championship golf courses and a 17-court tennis center. The entire resort, linked by walkways and washed in color by lush vegetation and gardens, enjoys a village-like ambience. For more information on Omni La Costa Resort & Spa, call (800) 854-5000 or visit http://www.lacosta.com.

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CustomerCount Confirms Sponsorship for Canadian Resort Conference

Orlando, Florida (PRWEB) March 06, 2015

CustomerCount, a leading online enterprise customer feedback management system, has confirmed its Silver-level Sponsor at the 2015 Canadian Resort Conference (CRC), Sept. 9 10, at the Pan Pacific Vancouver hotel in British Columbia, Canada.

CustomerCount is a flexible online customer feedback solution providing intuitive real-time reporting on guest satisfaction through custom-built surveys. Originally built with the timeshare industry in mind, this platform specializes in segmenting customer data from call center operations, sales tours of timeshare properties, and customers vacation experiences. CustomerCount fluidly pushes real-time information to key decision-makers, enabling organizations to better understand their performance levels and adjust accordingly to gain a competitive edge.

CustomerCounts reason for sponsoring this conference is two-fold, says Robert A. Kobek, RRP, president, CustomerCount. First, we want to demonstrate our support for CRDA, especially since the timeshare industry is placing an ever-growing focus on the Canadian landscape. Second, CustomerCount is available in 40 languages. The fact that CRC attendees represent the global market makes this an extremely attractive conference.

At CRC 2015, CustomerCount will sponsor the photo delegate list. This invaluable tool provides a visual aid to the names of attendees, enabling them to better identify the people they want to meet during the conference.

CRC is produced by Perspective Group on behalf of the Canadian Resort Development Association (CRDA), a trade association dedicated to furthering the interests of the resort industry throughout Canada and the rest of the world.

The annual event draws senior-level decision-makers from Canada, the United States, Mexico, the Caribbean and beyond. With interactive sessions and extended networking, CRC provides plenty of opportunities for attendees to meet with international and domestic delegates, make new business contacts and form strategic partnerships.

This years conference will focus on the future growth of the Canadian resort marketplace, the global vacation ownership industry, consumer trends, technology advances, product diversification, experience enhancements and more. Panel sessions will include a mix of the new entrants and seasoned veterans, who will provide varied opinions on issues affecting the industry. Attendees will come away with valuable insights on all that Canada has to offer to companies looking to expand there as well as insights on how to attract Canadian vacationers to other destinations.

To register and get additional information, visit http://www.canadianresortconference.com/.

For more information about the Canadian Resort Development Association, membership opportunities and events, visit http://www.crda.com/.

About CustomerCount

The CustomerCount online survey system presents questions to consumers that maximize response rates and deliver our clients customized and actionable information. This customer engagement solution was built with the timeshare industry in mind by building a technological platform segmenting customer data from call center operations, sales tours of timeshare properties, and a customers vacation experience. Particular expertise lies in guest satisfaction with hotel and resort experiences, and guest satisfaction with contact center experiences. A robust reporting component supports 24/7/365 online access to real-time customer feedback via reports customized to meet individual business needs. For more information visit http://www.customercount.com

About CRDA

CRDA is an industry-based association dedicated to furthering the vacation ownership resort and leisure industries. The association was founded over 30 years ago in response to the publics demand for reliable information about timeshare products. Focus has since broadened to all aspects of shared ownership and the resort industry. For more information on membership and events visit http://www.crda.com.

About Canadian Resort Conference

Canadian Resort Conference (CRC) is an annual event produced and hosted by Perspective Group, the vacation ownership industrys leading PR & Multimedia Company globally. CRC attracts senior-level executives from Canada, the United States, Mexico, The Caribbean and beyond, and provides a crucial networking platform for those interested in entering the Canadian resort marketplace, and those who want to find strategic partnerships with other international companies. For more details visit http://canadianresortconference.com/.

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Costa Rica’s First Branded Residential Resort and Marina Development Announces Partnership between Crocodile Bay Eco-Resort and Sinergo Development Group.

Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica (PRWEB) January 06, 2015

Crocodile Bay Eco-Resort located in the Osa Peninsula, Costa Rica, has announced its partnership with Sinergo Development Group to oversee the master planning and development of the first branded residential resort and marina within Costa Rica.

The first phase of the project, named The Sanctuary at Osa Peninsula, is estimated to cost $ 85,000,000, and will consist of 50 private branded residences and a 74 room luxury hotel to be managed by one of the worlds top hoteliers. The development will also include construction of one of the most environmentally sensitive full service marinas in Central America. Of the 115 slips being built, Crocodile Bay Marina will release 50 slips to boaters interested in owning a berth in what will be the closest international full service marina north of the Panama Canal. The marina village overlooking the gulf will house a two story Tiki bar, market deli, yacht chandlery and concierge services complete with an onsite tour office. The full service marina will also include meeting facilities, guest laundry, private storage and a boat launching area complete with a 20 ton yacht crane.

Cory Williams, President of Crocodile Bay, announced that Sinergo Development Group is one of most respected developers in Central America. Crocodile Bay and The Sanctuary at Osa Peninsula, are proud to announce our partnership with Sinergo Development Group and its founder Alan Kelso. This globally recognized and respected master planner was responsible for developing the first Four Seasons Resort in Central America at Peninsula Papagayo, as well as attracting both the Marriott and Hyatt brands to Costa Rica. We are very pleased to partner with such an experienced and respected developer to build for our guests, and the future owners of our branded residences, a truly world class project located within one of the most biologically intense places on the planet. Williams went on to explain that Sinergo Development Group also developed the first Hyatt Place outside of the United States and the first Hyatt Andaz Resort in Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo which is adjacent to the 180 slip Marina Papagayo also developed by Sinergo.

David Belinko, Launch Director for the Sanctuary at Osa Peninsula, stated that a professionally managed rental program will be an option within the development that allows future owners to drive revenues from their home when not in residence. He further states that the iconic hotelier that will manage both the hotel and the private residences has a loyal following of over 10 million individuals and that this dictates the project will soon have a global appeal. Owners of private branded residences will also have the opportunity to participate in the brand’s exchange program which is reputed in the industry as having an unparalleled global network. The first phase of 50 residences is scheduled for release in 2015.

About Crocodile Bay Eco-Resort

Crocodile Bay Resort has been operating the largest sport fishing resort in Central America since 1999; catering to elite anglers and nature enthusiasts from all over the world. The resort houses private villas, a 5000 sq. ft. spa and a conference facility. Crocodile Bay has 42 sport fishing boats making it the largest privately owned fleet in Central and South America.

The hotel also operates over 30 different eco tour expeditions into the surrounding rainforest of the Osa Peninsula and the waters of the Golfo Dulce. Crocodile Bay has been the winner, for two consecutive years, of the coveted TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Award for the Best Hotels in Central America as well as the Best Hotels in Costa Rica.

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As More than a Foot of Snow Falls on Tahoe, The Landing Resort & Spa is Ready for Guests with a Package to “Ski the Lake” in Luxury

South Lake Tahoe, Calif. (PRWEB) January 02, 2015

With more than a foot of new snow falling on Tahoe resorts this week, skiers can plan on powdery ski days followed by evenings of luxury with the latest ski package from The Landing Resort & Spa. Combining three days of legendary Lake Tahoe skiing with three nights relaxing in front of one of the cozy fireplaces found in all the guest rooms at The Landing Resort & Spa, the new Ski the Lake ski package offers an ultimate Tahoe winter lakeside experience. One of only two U.S. destinations on TripAdvisors recent international list of 10 top lakeside hotels, The Landing has turned its renowned personalized service toward tailoring a three-day, three-night Lake Tahoe luxury snow experience for guests, including a choice of three famous Tahoe ski areas. And guests dont have to lug ski gear or deal with equipment at all. The package also includes in-room fitting of rental equipment for two and ski valet service.

The Landings new Ski the Lake package includes personalized ski equipment fitting by the experts at Black Tie Ski Rentals in the guests room, eliminating waiting in line. Then head for the slopes via complimentary Mercedes transport to the Heavenly Gondola for those skiing Heavenly, or to the town transportation center for shuttle service to Kirkwood or Northstar. Start each day with a gourmet breakfast at The Landings Jimmys Restaurant, and after one of three glorious days on the slopes, guests also will receive a 50-minute couples massage at the Spa at The Landing before returning to their five-star guest room where plush robes, a warm fireplace, and azure Lake Tahoe views await.

The three-night Ski the Lake Package starts from $ 2,500 for two people (double occupancy) and includes two lift tickets each day for three days of skiing (six tickets total) at guests choice of Heavenly, Kirkwood or Northstar; three days of rental equipment for each person; breakfast at Jimmys Restaurant for all three days; and a 50-minute couples massage or two individual 50-minute treatments at the Spa at The Landing. The three nights accommodations are provided in one of The Landings Premium Rooms, including a walk-out deck and a bath with jetted tub, walk-in rain shower, heated night light toilet seat and heated marble floor. (Price does not include taxes or resort fees, package is based on availability and some blackout dates may apply; a 50% deposit is required to book the package with 15-day cancellation policy.)

Additional resort amenities for skiers include complimentary ski storage with boot warmers and ski valet service as well as expert advice on the snow and the slopes, and complimentary transport via Mercedes Sprinter or GL450.

About The Landing Resort & Spa:

The Landing Resort & Spa is walking distance to the concerts, nightlife, dining and shopping of South Lake Tahoe. Just blocks from Heavenly Village and Gondola, and Village Center, The Landing provides complimentary transportation locally. Lake Tahoes first five-star boutique lakeside resort, The Landing opened in December 2013 with extensive media coverage including in The New York Times, SKI magazine and Robb Report. For additional information and reservations contact 855.700.5263 or visit http://www.thelandingtahoe.com.


Darla Worden, WordenGroup Public Relations, darla(at)wordenpr(dot)com, 307.734.5335

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Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun Resort Wins 2014 TripAdvisor Travelers Choice Award

Orlando, FL (PRWEB) December 19, 2014

Unlimited Vacation Club (UVC) by AMResorts today announced its Secrets Maroma Beach Riviera Cancun ranked among the Top Five All-Inclusive Resorts In The World in the 2014 TripAdvisor Travelers Choice

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New Years Lights Up at Lincolnshire Marriott Resort in North Shore Chicago

Lincolnshire, IL (PRWEB) December 03, 2014

Guests looking to revel in the spirit of the holiday season and ring in the New Year in style are invited to Chicagos North Shore once again. http://www.marriott.com/hotels/travel/chiln-lincolnshire-marriott-resort/ Lincolnshire Marriott Resort is announcing its exclusive http://www.marriott.com/hotels/hotel-deals/chiln-lincolnshire-marriott-resort/ New Years Eve holiday packages at the Chicago area resort this season, including a dinner, party, theatre and overnight package which gives guests access to the resorts unforgettable New Years Eve celebration. The four packages run from December 31st, 2014 through January 1st, 2015.

Were excited for guests to ring in the New Year with these exclusive offers and share in the celebration as we get ready to greet 2015 in grand style, said Kristin Duncan, General Manager of the Lincolnshire Marriott Resort. Its always a thrill to welcome new and returning guests as we prepare to celebrate the start of the New Year, and this year we have quite a few unforgettable experiences for everyone.

Guests can choose from multiple packages depending on their tastes, including a Dinner Party, Theatre and Overnight Package which includes a four-course dinner at Kings Wharf Restaurant, tickets to The King and I, DJ and dancing in the Grand Ballroom, party favors, Midnight champagne toast, cash bar, and a New Years Day Brunch at Kings Wharf Restaurant.

The Dinner Party and Overnight package includes a four-course dinner at Kings Wharf Restaurant, DJ and dancing in the Grand Ballroom, party favors, Midnight champagne toast, cash bar, and a New Years Day Brunch at Kings Wharf Restaurant.

Guests can also purchase the Dinner Party Only package which includes a four-course dinner at Kings Wharf Restaurant followed by DJ and dancing in the Grand Ballroom, a cash bar and party favors, plus a Midnight champagne toast to cap off the perfect evening.

For guests looking to wake up to something delectable on New Years Day, the resorts Stay for Breakfast package includes overnight accommodations and breakfast for two adults and two children, ages 12 and under in the Fairfield Inn Restaurant. Theres also a basic Overnight Accommodations package offering a special room rate of $ 139 per night at the resort.

With an award-winning live theatre, the Lincolnshire Marriott Resort is the perfect place to be entertained this New Years Eve.

For questions regarding the packages please call 847-634-0100 or visit lincolnshirenye.com.


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